Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey!! I've decided to skip the awkward "hey, this is my first blog post" thing and ignore the fact that this IS my first blog post. I didn't know how to start so I figured I should sum up my June in pictures. Most of the photos are taken from my iPhone or downloaded from Tumblr. :)

(I got the bracelet on the first picture from a bazaar in Eastwood, LOVE ring from ZULEIKA, belt from wet seal, and i got the skirt from Laureen Uy's bazaar at Bloggers United.)
So yesterday (June 30), I had an auditon for a teen movie. I didn't get the chance to take a picture of my full outfit so I just tried to make a collage of the bits and pieces. 

(Striped top from TOPSHOP, 'Plant lots of trees' shirt from ARTWORK, Stars and stripes high waisted shorts also from TOPSHOP)
I went shopping afterwards at Trinoma and SM North.
One thing you must know about me is that I love taking mirror pictures... well, I really don't but I kinda got used to it because I don't have anyone else to take my photos for me. (Sad life, I know. I'm an only child.) And I tend to do it a lot while I'm fitting clothes in a dressing room. Mehehehe spell awkward. 
This month I've been so into stripes and I have no idea why... well it's not because of Louis Tomlinson of One Direction... or is it? ;)

This month, I had my first taste of Zentea. Thanks to Alfred. I also got my first package from ZULEIKA accessories :) So honored to be a part of their family. 
I now suddenly have this weird obsession with watercolor (thanks to Nina Pineda) I need to buy a sketch book soon.

(credits to tumblr, nastygal, and ELLE magazine for most of the pictures)

It's all about flowers this month for me... ✿❀
Latest obsession, LANA DEL REY and her signature flower crown

Flower crowns EVERYWHERE. They're all over my tumblr dash.

And how hot does Selena Gomez look on her cover shoot for ELLE magazine?

My fave One Direction pictures this month. You could never go wrong with a little 1D on your blog.
HEY LOOK! That's me! I made myself a flower headband. I'll make a tutorial for this soon, I guess. People have been asking me to.
Hello, beautiful. You are on my wishlist this year.

Look at those Jeffery Campbell Damsel Florals. I think I'm in love.

That's all, I guess... Ttyl!

--A xx

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