Sunday, July 8, 2012

Angelicum College Foundation Day//

(DIY flower headband, John's favorite sweater, Crissa jeans, Converse shoes)
Don't you just L O V E dressing up for school? I know I do. We have uniforms here in the Philippines so whenever they tell us that we could wear civilian clothes to school... We NEVER EVER pass up the opportunity. Haha true?

(DIY flower headband, Bench plain white tee)

(filipino food everywhere)

Outfit change #3. It was so hot outside, I had to change my shirt so many times!

Cafeteria panorama shot.

Bumped into Ella Cruz after school! I'm so happy she's gonna be my school mate! 


There's this new app I'm OBSESSING over called, 'D-Series' by Hipstamatic. It's like a disposable camera. You take 24 photos per film and you can't see the pictures you've taken until you finish up the film. It makes everything so much more spontaneous. So here's a photospam of my Hipstamatic pictures: 
(Bracelets from Blogger's United bazaar, Rings from Zuleika)

1. Star spangled shoes (My way of celebrating 4th of July)
2. John Uy's outfit!
3. Me and Mica Anido
4. Happy 4th Foundation Day sign! :)

My outfit!
Plain white tee, cuffed jeans, Chucks. When I wear really simple outfits, I spice it up with A LOT of accessories.  The bag is very sentimental to me. It was from my childhood bestfriend, Gabby.

1. Bino!
2. Naomi!
3. John! (again)
4. Derpy shot.

Merienda time with Keisha, Jasper and Kim♥
(check out Keisha's BB case! 1D forever)

MY FRIENDS. Love 'em to bits.

The next day//

Daddy Styles' first taste of Happy Lemon!!♥

Nobody ever gets my name right. It's ARIA. haha.

Lemon Yakult♥

Super cute floral tapestry cardigan from Forever 21☀

My tita took me shopping. I cannot wait to style my new clothes!

I'm doing a DIY flower headband tutorial tomorrow at my livestream at BigLive. July 8, 10:30am Philippine time. Come watch me. I'm also going to be announcing the winner of the ZULEIKA ACCESSORIES giveaway from my last blog post :) 


--A xx