Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Won't stop to surrender//

(Hat from Topshop, Striped top from Topshop, Skirt from Forever 21)

HOLA! I went to a party last night. My super close friend, Hanna, celebrated her birthday yesterday at Jill's, The Fort. 

Met up with Vangie at Starbucks first before we went to Pasto to meet our other friends.

(ZULEIKA ring, Wet Seal necklace, bangles from Landmark, 2 bandaids on my knees lol)

And on the way to Pasto, I tripped. I FELL... on concrete. Classic Aria. I bled but good thing my friends were always ready. They had alcohol and band-aid ready in their bags. It hurt so bad but it didn't stop me from partying. Haha! I love that picture above. I mean just look at John Manalo being epal on the corner. Gotta love my best friend. 

Our cute Pasto pictures:
The Phytos pose. 

Skevie and I♥

Bespren John!

After we ate dinner at Pasto(OMG BEST PASTA EVER SUPER SARAP), We all walked to Jill's for Hanna's birthday party. :)

Me and my soul sista, Cheska Ortega

Chloe Ortega and mwa!

Mica Caldito! LOVE THIS DUDE! We made a cover of Gotta Be You by One Direction together and it's currently top 2 on the twitmusic charts! Listen to our cover here. We're working on a music video for it too so watch out :)

Me and my shobe, Sue♡ Missed this girl so much!


This picture looks like it could be a Gossip Girl book cover =)))

It's a blacked out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled!!
Hanna banana the birthday girl, Cheska, Me and Krissy▲

Yes, I was eating a cupcake. Deal with it. HAHAHA! 

LAST PICTURE OF THE NIGHT. This was about 2 am already.
Best friends forever. ARIA. SUE. HANNA. CHESKA♡

A closer look at my accessories.
✖ Wet seal necklace.
✖ Zuleika ring.
✖ Landmark bangles.

Check out my nails!! ♡

Ouchie! It hurts so bad! I wish I was taller so I didn't have to wear heels. Ngh! Thank you daddy and lola for treating my wounds/bruises from last night. 


--A x


  1. Love the added accessory: BAND-AID :p

    Thank you for featuring ZULEIKA ACCESSORIES :)

    1. hi tita!! no problem! i'm honored to be sponsored by zuleika!! xx