Wednesday, August 29, 2012


(Tank from Aeropostale, Shorts from American Eagle, Flannel button up from Abercrombie, Jellybean Oxfords)

Still can't believe I'm 17 now! My last year as a minor! I feel like I just turned 15 yesterday. Time flies so fast. #HappyBirthdayAriaClemente was trending nationwide a while ago. I couldn't even track down my mentions (i'm sorry i couldn't reply to all of you guys!). I'm so blessed to have such amazing supporters.

Star Magic Ball this Saturday! Can't wait to blog about that.

--A x

PS: I love you guys forever infinity squared! ♥

Monday, August 27, 2012


(Gown by Bing Cristobal, Earrings from tippy [for christmas two years ago haha], bracelet from F21, Shoes from shiekh)

August 26, 2012. My long time friend, Tippy Dos Santos, celebrated her 18th birthday at Sofitel. I was part of her 18 Sparkling Wishes together with my other friends, Cheska Ortega, Janeena Chan and Emmanuelle Vera :) Tippy and I have known each other since we were kids. I'm so happy to have known her. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. 

(i didn't have lipstick on yet)
My amazing singer/songwriter friend, Krissy ♥
Cheska Ortega and Dino Imperial ♥
Nacho Tambunting and Cheska ♥
Man, I missed them so much! I was in a play with Nacho before (Children's Letters To God). I haven't seen him since 2008, i think! Cheska and Nacho will be doing Camp Rock the Musical this year! Can't wait to go watch them perform again. :)
Christian Samson (who owns the nerd glasses i was wearing in this picture) ☺
Rhap Salazar and Makisig Morales! ♥
The Sison Brothers! We all went to Korea to do a show back in 2006! I haven't seen them in YEARS!
Proper picture with the guys. (L-R: James Torres, DJ Lamar, Mica Caldito, Micah Lamar, Sam Concepcion) ♥
My girls ♥ (Arisse, Ericka, Cheska, Krissy and Linn)

Photobooth madness with my good friend, Julian Mauricio, Cheska and Dino ♥ 

I had so much fun! It was like a mini reunion for us!


- A xx

PS: Tippy and Sam's movie, "I doo bi doo bi doo" is gonna be showing on August 29 (My birthday). Please support the movie! Love love love ♥

Saturday, August 18, 2012


((a letter to Charlie))

I've recently finished the book "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky. I loved it. I loved how music was a big part of it. So I decided to make a playlist inspired by this book. I love the thing about feeling infinite and stuff so I chose songs that made me feel 'infinite'. 


- A xx

PS: Sorry for the low quality scan... I don't own a scanner so i just used this one app called Genius Scan on my iPhone. Maybe one day i'll own a scanner. #broke


((Flannel top from Abercrombie, Shorts from American Eagle, Socks from mom, Studded bracelet from Zuleika, Doc Martens shoes)

I have Saturday classes, you see. I'm usually in uniform but once in a while they let us dress up. So here's my outfit for today. It's pretty basic really. Inspired by Lola from LOL. I've been obsessing over Miley Cyrus lately. I think her new hair is awesome. I don't think I'll ever have the courage to cut off my hair like that. She can basically rock everything :)

Hooray for long weekends! I'm back in Malolos for a while. I've missed it so much :) 

Have a great weekend!

-A xx

Sunday, August 12, 2012


((Support my bucketlist mission, share this cover to your friends and 1D. It would mean a lot since it's also my 17th birthday on August 29. I've been trying to get this cover noticed on twitmusic for months now and finally uploaded it on youtube for easier access.))

Can you see it in my eyes, I’m disappointed.
Coz you’re the foolish boy that I trusted with my heart.
But you tore it apart…
And boy what a mess I’ve been since you left me.
And I know that I don’t deserve this.
But here I am, giving you another chance…

Can we fall one more time,
Stop the tape, and rewind.
Coz if you walk away again, I’ll break..
Coz there is nobody else..

It’s gotta be you…
Only you…
It’s gotta be you…
Only you…

When I hear your voice, my heart, it trembles.
When you move close to me, I know I don't have to pretend.
I'll feel alive again
And your actions speak louder than words
Let's take a break from all this hurt
And don’t be scared, I ain’t going no where

I’ll be here, by your side
No more fears, no more crying
But if you walk away
I know I’ll fade
‘Cause there is nobody else

It’s gotta be you…
Only you…
It’s gotta be you,
only you…

Oh boy, Can we try one more,
One more time,
One more, One more…
Can we try one more, one more time.
I’ll make it all better.
Can we try one more, one more time,
One more, one more...
Can we try one more time,
I’ll make it all better…

You know I’ll be your life,
Your voice, Your reason to be…
My love, My heart is beating for this
Moment in time
I’ll find the words to say…
Before you leave me today.


Friday, August 10, 2012


I've had Bieber fever since I was like 13. I watched his Never Say Never tour here in Manila. He's all grown up now! Remember the hair flip? Ahh little bieber. I remember flipping out everytime he says, "Only you, shawty" after he sings One Less Lonely Girl. 

Everyone told me he would fade away but look at him now still shining so bright. I'm absolutely obsessed with his new album particularly with this song. The lyrics are so nice. The music video's perfect. AHHHH. In fangirl talk... ahsdlkjshdflakjs. No idea how he manages to make us fall in love again and again with every new song.

Belieber and proud!

-A xx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hola amigos! I get to check an entry on my bucketlist (and birthday wishlist) today! :)
As you all know, I've always wanted a baby guitar (since I'm petite and stuff) and my friend, Boggs, was kind enough to carry this guitar all the way from Texas to the Philippines for me. :3 

So, yeahh.. this is Sid. He's a Baby Martin (Martin LXME) and he's my dream guitar. I cannot wait to make covers with Sid. That's my loop pedal and my line mixer on the top right section of the picture. :)


-A xx

PS: If you want to check out my covers, you can click here or here. Enjoy!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Remember these kids? Remember us? :)
 ((Me, Carmella Servera, Ronald Jaimeer, Makisig Morales, Jaya Sto. Domingo, Rio Arabelle Salvacion and Clarisse Balasan))
 ((Little Big Star back up singers))
 ((Bond Samson, our musical director))
 ((Clarisse, Boggs Mata and I))
((Makisig Morales, Boggs, Sam Concepcion))
((Clarisse, Sam, Boggs, Maki))


Yesterday (August 5), We had a small reunion party! We weren't complete.. but it was still super fun! I'm so happy to see my old friends. We were all reminiscing about the good old days. The venue was in Music 21, Timog. We had KTV and we sang together just like before. It was also like welcome back party for Boggs since he left us like 6 years ago (huhu!!) 

Pics from my iPhone:
((L-R: Me, Ajay Joaquin, Carmella Servera, Rachel Ann Pegason, Mayumi Morales, Boggs Mata, Makisig Morales))

((Mayumi singing, Rachel, Carmella))


 ((Carmella, Boggs, Rio, Gian))
KTV fun!

 ((Mamu and Kuya Jayson!))
 MY BOYS!! Love this pic!

BEBE JOSH! I used to be taller than him :( [i was wearing 5-inch heels last night, so yeah...]

 Boggs' beautiful sisters: Janelle and Jona!
Last pic of the night! We weren't complete anymore! :(

((BLURRY PIC, i know. sorry!!))
Look at the new owner of my flower crown (Janelle)! Ah, she's so grown up! I used to carry her around when she was a baby! 

I'll be posting more (hq) pictures on part 2! I just have to grab the pics from their facebooks ;) bwahahaha!! =)) 

If you wanna see my full outfit, it's (here).

-A x

PS.: Did you watch Little Big Star before when you were younger? Comment down below!! x