Wednesday, August 29, 2012


(Tank from Aeropostale, Shorts from American Eagle, Flannel button up from Abercrombie, Jellybean Oxfords)

Still can't believe I'm 17 now! My last year as a minor! I feel like I just turned 15 yesterday. Time flies so fast. #HappyBirthdayAriaClemente was trending nationwide a while ago. I couldn't even track down my mentions (i'm sorry i couldn't reply to all of you guys!). I'm so blessed to have such amazing supporters.

Star Magic Ball this Saturday! Can't wait to blog about that.

--A x

PS: I love you guys forever infinity squared! ♥


  1. Happy happy happy birthday, ate Aria! Have an awesome birthday, together with Liam. :D

  2. Happy Birthday Idol Aria! Yes I guess you don't notice my tweet because of the fast flood to your mention! ♥

  3. Happy Birthday! You now should change that bio of yours up there. :) Sixteen no more! <3

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