Monday, August 27, 2012


(Gown by Bing Cristobal, Earrings from tippy [for christmas two years ago haha], bracelet from F21, Shoes from shiekh)

August 26, 2012. My long time friend, Tippy Dos Santos, celebrated her 18th birthday at Sofitel. I was part of her 18 Sparkling Wishes together with my other friends, Cheska Ortega, Janeena Chan and Emmanuelle Vera :) Tippy and I have known each other since we were kids. I'm so happy to have known her. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. 

(i didn't have lipstick on yet)
My amazing singer/songwriter friend, Krissy ♥
Cheska Ortega and Dino Imperial ♥
Nacho Tambunting and Cheska ♥
Man, I missed them so much! I was in a play with Nacho before (Children's Letters To God). I haven't seen him since 2008, i think! Cheska and Nacho will be doing Camp Rock the Musical this year! Can't wait to go watch them perform again. :)
Christian Samson (who owns the nerd glasses i was wearing in this picture) ☺
Rhap Salazar and Makisig Morales! ♥
The Sison Brothers! We all went to Korea to do a show back in 2006! I haven't seen them in YEARS!
Proper picture with the guys. (L-R: James Torres, DJ Lamar, Mica Caldito, Micah Lamar, Sam Concepcion) ♥
My girls ♥ (Arisse, Ericka, Cheska, Krissy and Linn)

Photobooth madness with my good friend, Julian Mauricio, Cheska and Dino ♥ 

I had so much fun! It was like a mini reunion for us!


- A xx

PS: Tippy and Sam's movie, "I doo bi doo bi doo" is gonna be showing on August 29 (My birthday). Please support the movie! Love love love ♥


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