Wednesday, September 26, 2012


NEW COVER UP, my lovelies! And it's the best one I've done, in my opinion. I'm so in love with this song by Kimbra. She's so amazing and unique. Remember the loop pedal that was on my bucketlist? I finally got to use it! I've had it for a while but then I didn't own an amp back then. So, Dad bought me a really really good (not to mention, super small) amplifier. The ZT Lunchbox Acoustic. Looping's fun! Go watch the video and share it :) (I'd really love to perform it on ASAP or GGV one day)

MY DAY IN INSTAGRAM (and iPhone) pictures:

I went to my close friend's (supposedly surprise) birthday party. :)

Le birthday boy, Julian Mauricio! Love him so much. I cannot stress how alike we are in so many ways. I love he always has a perfect song for every moment. Whenever we have our regular kwento sessions, he'd burst out singing a random song that perfectly fits my situation. (Hi Julian, If you're reading this blog post then I bet you're laughing right now haha love you!)

Le Outfit. 
(Jawbreaking top[inside the jacket], Denim jacket from a bazaar, Tutu skirt from Wet Seal, Shoes by Nava in Trinoma, Accessories from ZULEIKA)

Well, this picture turned out pretty weird but hey! I like it.

Vangie Martelle and DM Sevilla :">

Sofia Andres and Anika Gonzales

Markki Stroem! 

Julian and Julia! 

It's always a blast when we're together! 


A series of tumblr moments with the Julia Barretto. Check her flawless tumblr here.

It was a karaoke party so this is me singing onstage. Photo taken by Sofia. I was singing Someday by Nina (with feelings haha) This is also my new profile picture on twitter. FUN FACT: I put my hair in a bun ALL THE TIME because when I don't, people compare me to Dora (it's honestly so annoying). SI DORA LANG BA MAY GANYANG HAIRSTYLE!? DI BA PWEDENG SI JESSE J AND KIMBRA DIN? ZOOEY DESCHANEL? CARLY RAE JEPSEN? (sorry for the outburst, can't help it haha)

Lately, I've been such a sloppy blogger and I apologize. I'd like to promise you guys that I'll stop procrastinating but I probably won't anyways, so yeah. I'll post regularly still but I've been so busy with school, reviewing for college exams, practicing, reading, etc. Life's hard-ish. 

In the meantime, please do enjoy my new cover and my new blogpost.


-A xx


  1. Awesome pics! Have a good weekend!

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