Tuesday, October 23, 2012


(PHOTO FROM: http://www.columbia.edu/)

In my free time, I go on tumblr and reblog stuff. Surf the net for art or read entries from Thought Catalog and Rookie. Lately, I've been exposing myself with poetry since it WAS my least favorite type of literature. Maybe because I hated being forced to make or memorize poems in school... but now, i find myself wonderstruck in every way with poetry. 

The poem above is Edgar Allan Poe's last poem. He died the same year he wrote that poem. (1849) I almost cried reading it. I don't know why. I guess it just spoke to me. That picture above is a scan of Edgar Allan Poe's handwriting.

If you want to get into poetry, start with the lighter ones. Tyler Knott's work helped me a lot. He posts daily. I discovered him because of tumblr. Tumblr's a good source of inspiration (just don't let it get in the way of you and your studies). 

Inspiration's everywhere. You just have to look.

- A xx

Monday, October 22, 2012


A lovely video I wanted to share. I came across this song through Tavi Gevinson(Girl crush/inspiration/favorite blogger). I think the song's originally by Dory Previn. Don't you just love YouTube? I do. I really do. Yup.

Here's a (short) list of songs to listen to this month:
▲ Beware of Young Girls - Dory Previn ▲
▲ What We Had - The Drums ▲
▲ Youth - Daughter ▲
▲ Love Lost - Temper Trap ▲
▲ Pretty Face - Soley ▲
▲ Diamonds - Rihanna ▲
▲ Queen Of The Gas Station - Lana Del Rey ▲

Hooray for creepy songs and triangles. They always seem to make your blog 182974475 times cooler than it actually is! See ya next blog post! For the meantime, enjoy these other cool html symbols. ▲✝☯☆☁☼♦♧


- A xx


Cropped white tee from Topshop, Studded black skirt (DIY), Ripped stockings(I've no idea where I got this), Beat up chucks from Airwalk, Scapular from Calaruega.

So here I am today, contemplating on whether I should trim and maintain my full bangs or let it grow to side bangs. I hate this. I go through with it everytime I get bangs. I wore this outfit to school. I had to perform for the La Naval concert. I love performing in my high school. Best feeling ever. I sang two songs... Settle Down and Gotta Be You (click on the link to see my cover on youtube).

Do the awkward pose. Aww yeahhhh. Haha. Lets have a moment of silence for my beat up chucks. I've had them since I was 13. I got it from Payless in the states. They've been with me for as long as I could remember. I have a thing for my vans and my chucks. When they get old, I get attatched to them. I start writing and drawing things on them. I never throw them out. My mom was so annoyed with me for doing this so she threw away my favorite pair while I was at school. When I came home, I got SO MAD. So much memories, man. Call me sentimental, but I hate throwing out things. 

Check out my skirt! I got if from Forever 21 when I was 15, i think. The seams on the bottom of the skirt was already tattered but I just love this skirt so much that I fixed them by studding. (I love studs omg I own a lot)

This is my twitter picture at the moment. Everyone's been asking me about these glasses. Well, I got em from SM Sta. Mesa (or was it SM San Lazaro idk basta may santa something). It was from a store called CHIZ clothing. It was around 300 - 400 pesos.

My arm candy!! :) 
• The skull bracelet thing was from Skulltape Accessories.
• (Yes that's a scrunchie [hair tie, pamusod]. I always bring it somehow. It get's too hot in the Philippines. I don't care if it's awkward on my arms. I need it. HAHA)
• Brown wooden devotional bracelet from Calaruega. (I never removed it ever since I got it after our retreat)
After my performance at school, I went to Jamba Juice BGC for the Ukulele Manila meet up/ jam. It's always a blast going to these meet ups. Finally got my hand on a Martin ukulele :"> Cool beans.

Me and my dad's jamba juice photobooth pic! Ehehe. Daddy's girl.

Look it's kuya jugs! He dropped by! :)

Posting a playlist here again soon!


- A.<3'


((Forever 21 black tank top, Topshop striped button up, American Eagle high wasted shorts but you coudn't really see it, Black stockings from... i forgot))

Holla! I have this problem... You see, I dress up really well on days that I don't need to dress up and when I really need to dress up... I can't seem to get anything right. So maybe I should blog my off duty outfits instead of the legit ones! Haha! Just kidding... but seriously, am I the only one having this problem? 

Anyway, I took this picture with my iPhone with a self timer camera app (I think it's called Clapamera). You basically clap and then it sets off the timer and then you run and pose. I always seem to do everything by myself (mainly because I'm an only child).

Can I just say that I LOVE THE HAT I'M WEARING IN THIS PICTURE?! I love how I could pair it up with most of the outfits in my head. It just transforms every outfit I wear. I know it was a bit pricey but it was all worth it. Thank you, TOPSHOP for this amazing hat. Really. THANK YOU.

I love black stockings. I really do. I think every girl should have one. In my case, I need LOTS because I always seem to destroy them after I use 'em. If you're not comfy showing of your legs, go get black stockings. 

-- A x

PS: I have a tumblr. (ariaclemente.tumblr.com)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


(Dress from Topshop)

Completely, utterly in love with this dress! I sang the opening prayer for the Lopez Awards. 

This is what I wore on the way to the venue. Dress from Wet Seal and Denim jacket from Blogger's Bazaar 1! :)

Topshop dress front.

Side view! Look it's my Road Manager, Ate Macquie :) ha ha!

Simple make up!

Powder pink + Black = LOVE.

-A xx

Sunday, October 7, 2012


(Top and skirt from F21, Belt from Wet Seal, Shoes from Shiekh, Arm candy + rings from Zuleika)

Me and my cousin (Toby Tobias) did a short shoot on the sidewalk. hahaha. I just came home from our school's retreat. I didn't have a lot of pictures there but I'll try to get those from my friend's camera so I can blog about it :)


-A xx