Monday, October 22, 2012


Cropped white tee from Topshop, Studded black skirt (DIY), Ripped stockings(I've no idea where I got this), Beat up chucks from Airwalk, Scapular from Calaruega.

So here I am today, contemplating on whether I should trim and maintain my full bangs or let it grow to side bangs. I hate this. I go through with it everytime I get bangs. I wore this outfit to school. I had to perform for the La Naval concert. I love performing in my high school. Best feeling ever. I sang two songs... Settle Down and Gotta Be You (click on the link to see my cover on youtube).

Do the awkward pose. Aww yeahhhh. Haha. Lets have a moment of silence for my beat up chucks. I've had them since I was 13. I got it from Payless in the states. They've been with me for as long as I could remember. I have a thing for my vans and my chucks. When they get old, I get attatched to them. I start writing and drawing things on them. I never throw them out. My mom was so annoyed with me for doing this so she threw away my favorite pair while I was at school. When I came home, I got SO MAD. So much memories, man. Call me sentimental, but I hate throwing out things. 

Check out my skirt! I got if from Forever 21 when I was 15, i think. The seams on the bottom of the skirt was already tattered but I just love this skirt so much that I fixed them by studding. (I love studs omg I own a lot)

This is my twitter picture at the moment. Everyone's been asking me about these glasses. Well, I got em from SM Sta. Mesa (or was it SM San Lazaro idk basta may santa something). It was from a store called CHIZ clothing. It was around 300 - 400 pesos.

My arm candy!! :) 
• The skull bracelet thing was from Skulltape Accessories.
• (Yes that's a scrunchie [hair tie, pamusod]. I always bring it somehow. It get's too hot in the Philippines. I don't care if it's awkward on my arms. I need it. HAHA)
• Brown wooden devotional bracelet from Calaruega. (I never removed it ever since I got it after our retreat)
After my performance at school, I went to Jamba Juice BGC for the Ukulele Manila meet up/ jam. It's always a blast going to these meet ups. Finally got my hand on a Martin ukulele :"> Cool beans.

Me and my dad's jamba juice photobooth pic! Ehehe. Daddy's girl.

Look it's kuya jugs! He dropped by! :)

Posting a playlist here again soon!


- A.<3'

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