Monday, October 22, 2012


((Forever 21 black tank top, Topshop striped button up, American Eagle high wasted shorts but you coudn't really see it, Black stockings from... i forgot))

Holla! I have this problem... You see, I dress up really well on days that I don't need to dress up and when I really need to dress up... I can't seem to get anything right. So maybe I should blog my off duty outfits instead of the legit ones! Haha! Just kidding... but seriously, am I the only one having this problem? 

Anyway, I took this picture with my iPhone with a self timer camera app (I think it's called Clapamera). You basically clap and then it sets off the timer and then you run and pose. I always seem to do everything by myself (mainly because I'm an only child).

Can I just say that I LOVE THE HAT I'M WEARING IN THIS PICTURE?! I love how I could pair it up with most of the outfits in my head. It just transforms every outfit I wear. I know it was a bit pricey but it was all worth it. Thank you, TOPSHOP for this amazing hat. Really. THANK YOU.

I love black stockings. I really do. I think every girl should have one. In my case, I need LOTS because I always seem to destroy them after I use 'em. If you're not comfy showing of your legs, go get black stockings. 

-- A x

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  1. hi aria, what's your guitar in this pic? :)

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