Friday, November 30, 2012


(Vintage shirt from my friend, SM Dept Store jeans, Hand-me down bandana, Quizno's Sanwich YUUUMMM, Chucks)

This was taken last Saturday at Bonifacio High Street. I'm usually there for the Ukulele Manila Meet. Stum. Jam. meet ups (which always ends up with us doing street performances. always a blast). This'd be my normal get up. Pants + Band shirt (or muscle tee) + Sneakers (sometimes oxfords but i never wear heels on off duty days). It's actually a bit weird. If you asked me a few months ago what my normal get up is, I'd probably tell you Short shorts + Tee + Vans. I'm not sure whether or not my style has evolved or it's just the season. Well, maybe it's the season. It's so cold now.

My normal routine for uke meet ups at BGC would be to go buy a sandwich from Quizno's first and then go to the meeting place. I love Quizno's, okay. So happy when I found out there's one in the Philippines already. I used to eat a lot of Quizno's in the States.

LEGO! Who doesn't love legos? It was pretty amazing seeing lego towns since I've only ever made crappy lego nothings as a child. Look at that lego skyscraper, man. 

This is me performing an impromptu set for the crowd at BGC! It's funny because I'm never actually prepared. I just sing a few songs for my friends in Ukulele Manila but I always end up performing a whole set because a lot of people stop to watch. It's so awesome. Best feeling ever, performing for no reason. It blows my mind that people who actually don't know me, would stop and listen to me sing. Ya'll should go join us sometime. It's okay if you don't have a ukulele yet, We'll lend you one. Come join us, meet new friends. Jam! 

I'm potentially designing a line of shirts with Perfect White Shirt. I'm so excited about that. We still have to plan things but I will tell you if it's 100% sure na, as soon as we work things out. :)

-- A xx 


  1. I have my ukelele but i don't really use it.. Hope i can jam with you! And goodluck for the Shirt designing im sure youll make one.. Godbless!

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