Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's not a secret that Taylor Swift has probably read our diaries. She's in every teenage girl's playlist. She gets a lot of hate because "she can't sing live". For me, she might not be the most powerful vocalist around but MAN, can she write songs! I thought I'd make a Taylor Swift playlist today since her new album, Red, is out already. Here are some of my favorite songs from Red and her old albums:

• Come Back, Be Here •
• White Horse •
• By The Way (this song is unreleased so just click here to hear it) •
• If This Was A Movie •
• Begin Again •
• Enchanted •
• Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran) •
• Superstar •
• I Almost Do •
• Better Than Revenge •
• State Of Grace •
• Last Kiss •
• State Of Grace •


If you're going to buy (or illegally download) her album, make sure you get the digital booklet, too. If you don't already know. She has (not so) secret messages in the lyrics. She randomly capitalizes some letters throughout the song and when you put it all together, it spells out a name, a quote or a place. It's the best part of her album, honestly. Her music videos are A+.

My favorite secret message would be the one from State Of Grace which is, "LOVE YOU DOESN'T COUNT AFTER GOODBYE." And the sweetest one would be the secret message in Back To December which is, "TAY." (Taylor Lautner) :">

She wrote the theme song of all the girls which is, You Belong With Me! Admit it, at one point in your life you had that moment in your room where you just dress up, look at the mirror, turn up this song and sing so loudly into your hairbrush like it's a microphone. (I still do that, no shame.) You probably have stayed up till 2am, staring at the ceiling, listening to Taylor Swift songs, making music videos / impossible scenarios in your head (if you're a girl, of course). If not, you may be a robot.

Superstar! Every girl's song to their celebrity crush. 
(*cough cough* one direction, justin bieber, logan lerman, etc, etc, etc.)

By The Way is an unreleased song. It's one of the most beautiful ones I've ever heard. 

I would explain why I love all these songs but you probably know that's because I could relate to them. 
What's your favorite taylor swift song and why? Tell me through a comment :D

Love love love!

- A xx

PS: Check out (this video) of Taylor Swift performing Back To December when Taylor Lautner was watching (Staples Center, August 2011). She changed the lyrics in the end. Makes me cry everytime. They should've videotaped Taylor Lautner's reaction! Enjoy drowning in your own puddle of tears.


  1. I love her 'I Knew You Were Trouble' & 'Treacherous'! I'm listening to her By The Way right now! :)

  2. I love the song Enchanted and Fearless! I'm gonna listen to By the Way later.
    She's got a flair in songwriting and I just hope she finds her knight and save her from "being so alone" :)

  3. All Taylor Swift song is awesome! hihi! <3 lots!

  4. speak now. i just love it so :D
    and back to december also makes me wanna cry everytime. :">

  5. I so love Taylor Swift since ages ago. I love all of her songs (even the unreleased ones) and i get so excited everytime she has a new album.

    I love Everything Has Changed, 22, Stay Stay Stay, Back to December, etc. I love the TaySquare love team and i hoped it never ended.

    Anyway, I just love her as she is! :D

  6. Hi pretty! :> You accidentally put "State of Grace" twice po :-))

  7. Cool. I'm already interested in this Digital Booklet thingy. haha :))

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