Monday, November 19, 2012


(F21 tank top, Topshop cargo jacket and shorts, Havaianas flipflops)

I had my first MMK guesting last Saturday with Patrick Sugui and Yen Santos. So nice to catch up with my old friends. We never get to see each other anymore. HAHAHA. Look at me wearing shades at night. Hashtag pacool.

Me, Patrick and Yen.

If you were wondering, I used Picasa to edit these pictures. :D

- A xx


  1. I watched this episode, you're so sexy and matured :)

  2. I watch it also! haha At first I was like "is it Aria?" then "OMG! It's her!" It was nice seeing you again on tv:)

    By the way, I saw you long long time ago. you were still a kiddo then. If I'm not mistaken it's aliw awards 2008 or 2009? ahh. not sure. hope you notice me coz I admire your cuteness, charm and voice. YOUR VOICE IS MORE LIKE THE VOICE OF LEA SALONGA! :)

    P.S will find time to sketch you:) God bless!

  3. Hi Aria, i always visit your blog cause you are so petite like me :)

    but unlike you, i have brothers who are so annoying..but i love them anyways..:)

    hope you can check out my blog..

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