Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have been getting a lot of questions about my iPhone case! Yes, I made it! Not really, more like decorated it. It's really easy. I didn't even plan it! I have this iPhone case that's too girly with pearls and bows and stuff and I just felt like I should have an iPhone case that's screams ARIA. Then, I realized I had no money. So here's how the idea came to me...

I was at school and we were having Physics Lab (which was really boring). I was fidgeting with my phone and I got really annoyed with the ribbon, so i removed the ribbon... which created an awkward hole on the case. I had to cover it somehow. So, I grabbed the masking tape from my bag (we needed masking tape for the experiment in class) and I covered the hole. I put masking tape across the surface and it wasn't enough to cover the hole. So, I did it again... and again... and again... and then the next thing I know, the whole case was covered with masking tape. Oh well.

When I got home, I looked at my case again and I realized that I liked it. And then, I took a sharpie. I wrote "COOL KIDS CAN'T DIE" on it. I put my twitter username on the side and then I drew a bunch of triangles and crosses (omg look it's hipster aria) on the other side. And then, VIOLA! I had a one of a kind iPhone case! Easy right? You don't need to have a lot of money to have cool stuff.  You probably have masking tape at home and a black permanent marker... GO AHEAD AND PERSONALIZE YOUR STUFF! You can write a bunch of different quotes or even doodle behind your case. My case was textured (it had pearls) so it turned out a bit rough but it worked out fine. This could also work with plain, smooth cases.

What happens when you get bored of it? Remove the masking tape or add a new layer of tape to cover up the old doodle or quote and then draw a new one! Cool huh? You only need one case! Re-decorate it every week! Go crazy. It's FREE! (i'm getting carried away)

- A xx

PS: Sharpies are awesome. You'll be surprised on how much stuff you could do with sharpies. :D


  1. Love it~`! How about drawing a uke po? :D

  2. hey! very creative! I suggest that you can put some colored pen? or my gels? on it! hihi! try it! ;D <3 lots!

  3. TALENTADO much!! I lovet :) So creative gurl!! :)

    The Misty Mom

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