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If you follow me on twitter or instagram, then you probably already know that I am a bookworm. Just recently, I received ebooks from @ebooksboutique. They sent me TONS of ebooks actually, so I decided to blog about my book reviews. I've read about a million (not really) other books before this but I guess this is a good way to start since I've just recently finished reading it...

This is Kiss & Blog by Alyson Noel.


Okay, okay. I've been told not to judge the book by its cover... but can I judge by its title? Cause that's basically what I did with this book. I got so intrigued with the title! I mean at first you'd think it's about a girl who blogs about every kiss she's ever had... How would that work out? But no, it's not about that. It's definitely about a girl with a blog though. Kinda like mild gossip girl.

It's a friendship story. The typical scenario. Sloane and Winter have been best friends since forever. They wanna be popular, they had the whole summer to plan on how they're going to be friends with the popular kids cause they were tired of being invisible. Sound familiar? I think so.

So, school starts. Sloane successfully transitioned from invisible to queen bee, Winter stays the same, friendship over, Winter wants revenge, yadda yadda yadda. 

Nothing you've never heard before, really. Normally, I'd drop these books to the side because I've read so many of these and I've watched about a million chick flicks that kind of have the same feel to it.. but i found it surprisingly good after I finished it.

So, Winter started a blog... "The gospel of Eleanor Rigby" (awesome blog name, don't you think?). It's where she spilt Sloane(a.k.a Princess Pink)'s dirtiest, juiciest secrets and called it 'The List'. 

And YES!! You guessed it. The blog was a big success. Everyone talked about it. Winter's conscience started nagging her. Then, Sloane found out. BIG MESS. (I'm trying my hardest not to spoil for some people who wants to read this book.)

3 things I loved about the book:
1. Easton and Rey!! Alas! Another addition to my ever growing list of fictional characters I want to marry.
2. The music in this book!
3. The way she explained the definition of cool. What people don't get is that, coolness is subjective... so is beauty. Some people might think you're cool, some people might think you're a loser. You can't please everyone. Some people think they're cool... but they're only cool in their zip code. There are different kinds of 'cool'.

How did it all end? No, Winter and Sloane didn't make up. I liked that part, too. I guess I could just relate to Winter. In real life, this happens, too. Never THAT dramatic.. but I like how it's real in the sense of Winter and Sloane not making up. In real life, you can't always fix things. People change. Friends leave. I learned that the hard way. Sometimes, you just have to shake it off. You can't let it ruin you.

Love always,
ARIA xxx

PS: Ebooksboutique is giving away free ebooks. Three per person. Email them. You can find their email address on their instagram! :) Enjoy!! xo


  1. What is the first book that you read this year?

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  3. hi! how can i reach them if i'm not into Instagram?

    1. email them :D i think x

  4. Did you read already the book "The Fault In Our Stars"? Can you please suggest me some books to read. Thanks! :))

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  6. Hi Aria! Every bit of your posts are beyond awesome and thank you for this one. :)

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  8. Hey Aria. do you have a Goodreads account? :)