Thursday, January 31, 2013


(taken from my sketchbook)

Sometimes, an outfit or a certain shirt design pops up into my head and I could never get it out of my brain until I make it happen. I've drawn/painted/doodled this muscle tee in about 3 different notebooks. I received some fabric markers today. IT'S TIME!

If you read my previous blog post, you'd know I received these fabric markers just today. I have 8 colors but I'm only going to be using black for this one. I got the shirt as a gift from The Perfect White Shirt. Definitely ask your parent's permission if you're going to cut up or write your old shirt. Muscle tee tutorial (here).

These are the only things you need. Cardboard paper and fabric markers. Make sure you practice the design on paper first. Then try on the shirt/tank. Find where you want to draw the design.

Put the cardboard paper inside the shirt... it's to make sure that the fabric marker's ink won't bleed through.

I lightly drew the design (well, words) on the fabric with a black colored pencil. Then I traced with the black fabric marker. It's messy because I want it that way but you could also do it neatly.

There! I wasn't quite happy with it yet so I decided to darken it up some more...


Watch out for my next outfit post! I'll be styling this tee!

Love always,
ARIA <3 


  1. Sharpiess! Boohoo for the limited colors of Sharpies here in Phils. Haha! :)


  2. SHARPIESSSS!! I got them when I was in elementary days. Haha! pero yan! so many colors! Lucky you ;) need ba i-double yung sulat? para makapal? Can't wait to see your other post!! <3 Tc! :*

  3. gusto ko yung stained by sharpie, avail na ba yan dito sa national bookstore? yung rub-a-dub meron na ako, halos lahat ng colors ng sharpie meron na ako


  4. Hello there! I really like your DIY Muscle tee :) Can I Reblog this post on my blog?

  5. San po makakabili ng stained by sharpie? reply plssss.