Thursday, January 24, 2013


All these years, I've searched for Wonderland and I just realized that I may already be in it. Wonderland's been sugar-coated over the years. It was a place where nothing ever made sense. Just like our world.

"Curiouser and curiouser," cried Alice.

Some days, you just feel worthless... like you've somehow lost your way. It feels like something dies inside of you when you grow up. Whatever it is. 

It's amazing to know that things get better. Sometimes, I almost feel like giving up but I know things will change for the better... and I have to be alive to see it.

I wore this outfit to the audition I went to today. I ate McDonald's with my friends after. Good laugh. Good people. Good day. It feels so good to be surrounded by good people after a long time hanging out with the wrong ones. It feels so good to leave behind the people who are weighing you down. 

Despite all the bad things, I still think the world is a beautiful place. I know it's not going to be easy being a human being in this earth, in this world... but I choose it. I choose to live here. Not anywhere else, not Wonderland, not Narnia, but HERE. 

Love always,

PS: More pictures on my instagram :)


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  2. It's great to feel loved by your friends, and get rid of the bad ones! I totally agree. In the end, our lives are what we make of it.

    I love the outfit and the photo's. Very well done, great post <3 xx

  3. just wondering...who took your pictures? BTW nice post :D

  4. I know the feeling. and then you start thinking the world doesn't makes sense...
    lol. goodluck with that audition, whatever it is! :))

  5. I love your photos and your blog! :)
    It would be super awesome if you checked out my blog. (:

  6. Parang may something dun sa tabi ng coconut tree :0

  7. Your blog inspires me a lot Aria :) I learned a lot of things on you.
    I wanna tell you that I started blogging because of you. You inspire
    me so much! <3 Hope you checked it out soon. <3