Friday, January 18, 2013


Lately, I've been tired and uninspired. I've been wanting to write a blog post, a meaningful one, but I just couldn't. It's so hard balancing school, music and blogging! Anyway, this week has been a productive one and I thought I'd just share stories behind my instagram pictures this week. (Who knows! Maybe I'll do one every other week or something...)

Anyway, that picture above was taken by my dad. We had an unexpected trip to the thrift store at Valenzuela. We were on our way to visit a family friend but they weren't home. So, on the way home... I spotted this thrift shop (or ukay ukay in tagalog) and I asked my dad if we could drop by. Oh man, I'm doing this in the wrong order... 


Okay. Earlier that day... We were at the perfect white shirt's headquarters. T-shirt heaven, I tell ya! I've always been a fan of TPWS! I remember the first shirt I ever bought from them was the 'Little Miss Bieber' shirt (which was unfortunately stolen somehow). I was so happy to have been given a chance to collaborate with them and design a few shirts. The shirts will be available on my online shop, Style Bandit and on their branches.

I wore my docs that day (Jan 16!). Everyone's been asking me where I bought them and the answer is... My mom bought them for me. She lives in California and she shipped it to the Philippines. Although, I found a Doc Martens store here in the Philippines, in Bonifacio High Street! I'm not sure if they have the exact same one but chances are... they have it. 

The jeans I'm wearing, I bought from Wrangler in Trinoma last week. They're my new favorite pair of jeans! The fit is just... unbelievable. They make your legs look skinnier somehow, yet they're comfortable. They're pricey but I could definitely say they're worth it. Maybe I'll go back and buy myself Wrangler jeans in every color. (Okay, moving on...)

Back to the thrifting master class. I suggest you go through every rack! I only bought one item and I found it on the Men's section. It's a go to jail monopoly shirt (which I will cut into a muscle tee). I got it for 95 pesos. The thrift store's the perfect place to find shirts to cut. You'll find pretty good statement shirts and funny shirts in there. I'll definitely document the cutting process I'm going to do with this shirt and post it here. It's pretty simple.

Also, Kuya Ryan from TPWS gave me a pack of basic shirts in gray (grey?) and white. When I got home, I got excited and tried everything on! The fit's great! I have a feeling I'll DIY some of the shirts soon, too. I think the classic pack costs 888php. Inside, you'll find a 3 plain shirts. Round neck, V-neck, and Sleeveless (muscle tee-ish). That's actually a great idea. I've been looking around for closet basics but topshop and f21 basics are a bit too pricey. I think 888php for 3 plain shirts is a good deal.

Yay for pixelated iPhone pictures!!! I took this one last week. (Oh my gosh, i'm going in the wrong order. Maybe I'll figure this out in weeks to come.) I made the flower headband myself. :)

This was for Style Bandit's first customer. I don't know if you remember this skirt but I wore it in one of my previous blog posts. But anyway, yeah. I made her a bracelet and a letter. That's that. :)) Go like our page on facebook: instagram and twitter: @shopstylebandit.

This was in Seattle's Best in Trinoma. I went there after school, Monday. It's the first time I've tasted their hot choco recipe and now it's my new favorite. It's SO GOOD. I don't even know how to describe it. I'll be back for more, though. That's for sure.

I received this late christmas/new year present from one of my friends (who started out to be a fan, actually), JM Marasigan! She's always been there for me since the beginning :) I was so happy when I got this package, I even shopped for pens because I didn't wanna write on it with crappy pens!!

THIS!!!! I got this from the post office yesterday. I've been waiting for this since last year (or maybe 2011). One day, I was surfing the net and I stumbled upon Wild and Free Jewelry on Etsy! I got in touch with the lovely owner, Corina and she sent me an indian feathered headdress. I fell in love with her shop last year. She's got the best flower crowns and indian headresses around. Her shop's based in California but they ship worldwide. You should definitely check her out! Instagram: @wildandfreejewelry

I leave you all with this quote I reposted from my friend, DJ Lamar on instagram. It sure made me think!

You could say I have an instagram addiction. Yay mobile blogging!

- A! (@ariaclemente)


  1. I've always been inspired by your posts everytime I visit here. I don't know why? Basta! hihi <3 and Thanks for that baby aria :P Keep it up! I'll support you every now and then (since last year :))) )
    (1stPIC)- mas okay ba ung prices or ung quality nila? kesa Debi(divisoria) sa Manila?:D
    (2ndPIC)- Omg! Fav. ko pa nmn magsuot ng mga white Shirt! xD feeling ko ang sarap suotin ung mga shirts nla? how does it feel wearing the perfect white shirt's?
    (3rdPIC)- Hindi ba mabigat ung docs? cause I wore a docs like that nung elementary pa ako. haha! and ang COOL nya :D and yung jeans? I think you look sexy! omg! can't wait to see you wearing that :))
    (4thPIC)- can't wait to see your shirts :)))
    (5thPIC)- I think pixelated pictures are awesome. Lovely :) aaahhhhh...mmmmmmm!! :P
    (6thPIC)- is that a studstut on the skirt? tama? (sana di pa mabili yung white shirt na yun.hihi)
    (7thPIC)- Hmmm! Yummy! What's the name of their hot choco? Thanks! :*
    (8thPIC)- may I know kung may pen kna pangsulat sa Planner mo? :) and kung wala pa what ung gusto mong pen? :))
    (9thPIC)- Feathers!(asdfghjjklpoiuytrewqzxcvb... ) I love the white ones! <3
    ~~and Lastly...
    (10thPIC)- This made me think too...

    Thank you ARIA!! Always take care of yourself <3 God Bless! Keep Blogging!! yeah!! †Ate☆Cha† :*
    <3☆ † Aria∞Minion † ☆<3

  2. Hi Aria! What is the name of the store that sells Doc Martens and where is it located? Love your blog!