Friday, January 18, 2013


This is the second most requested tutorial here on my blog! (The first one would be on how to make your own flower crown) I'll discuss the basics on cutting shirts. I've had so much experience with this! I started cutting my shirts when I was 13 but it was more like destroying shirts. I started cutting shirts SUCCESSFULLY when I was 15. Less is more! You have to know when to stop!

First and foremost... Find a safe workspace. Trust me when I tell you not to make your bed your workspace. I'm doing this on my bed because I've had YEARS of experience. One time, I cut shirts on my bed and I cut my bedding with it. Wooops, we don't want that. I suggest working on the floor. 

Second of all.. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE SCISSORS. (whoaaa for a moment there i was going to type 'please be careful with my heart.' anyway, moving on...)

Start with a clean shirt. If it's your first time, I suggest you iron the shirt first and make sure the hems are aligned. You wouldn't wanna end up with a destroyed shirt.

Don't cut the shirt if you're having second thoughts on cutting it! TRUST ME. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Make sure you really want to cut the shirt. I only cut either thrifted shirts or really really old shirts. Vintage band shirts and statement shirts look good as muscle tees. 

Decide what you want to do with the shirt!

With muscle tees, you could just cut the sleeves and then you're done. Cutting off the hems on the neck and on the bottom of the shirt is optional. Depends on what will look good on the shirt.

I usually cut superhero shirts into cropped shirts which will look like this:
Cropped shirt + rolled up sleeves = AWESOME.

Cropped muscle tee is pretty much the same as the regular muscle tee, except you cut the shirt a bit shorter instead of just cutting of the hem of the shirt.

For this shirt, i decided to make it a regular muscle tee :)

Try on the shirt and decide how you want it to fit. When I cut my first shirt into a muscle tee, i ended up cutting the sides too deep. It was okay though, i just wear a bandeau to cover up my sides. Remember, don't cut it too deep. If you're not satisfied with the sides of your shirt, you could always cut deeper but if you cut too deep, you could never get it back (unless you know how to sew.. which I DON'T).
If you're a first time shirt cutter, you might want to mark where you want to cut before actually digging into it already. Better safe than sorry. I don't mark anymore because I already know what to do. But if it IS your first time, you must mark your shirt.
I just improvised with it. You could mark with a pen, whatever you like. It doesn't have to be super formal, just a rough outline on where you want to cut the shirt.

See? Faint marks would do.

CUT CUT CUT (but please be careful with the scissors)

Any kind of scissors would do. If you have fabric scissors, then better! I got mine from the Japanese Home Center for like... 88 pesos or something. It works just fine.

I prefer cutting from the top of the shirt but it's definitely up to you! Whichever way you're comfortable!

Do it on the other side and viola!!! A muscle tee. You can stop there... but I decided my shirt would look better without the bottom hem so...

I cut it off...

I'll probably post a look with this shirt one of these days. I love how it turned out!

T-shirt reconstruction's pretty easy, i almost feel guilty for posting a tutorial for it. It's a matter of preparation. You have to be careful with the measurements and all. Other than that, it's basically common sense. 

Hope you all find this post helpful and I hope it inspired you to play a bit more with your creativity and imagination!


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  1. i am soooo going to do that! good tutorial Ms.A :) love it!

  2. I want, want!!!! awwwhhh... you inspire me so much!! :) :* :D

  3. i couldn't wait for your diy crown tutorial! <3

  4. omg!! Very Good Teacher! hihi! xD I'll try that one.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :* I hope na madami pa tutorials galing sayo! <3 More Power!God Bless!

    -AteCha :)

  5. I've done something like that before and i get that idea to you!

  6. I always wanted to do that! But a lil' bit afraid, and know i've found your tutorial! Gonna try it soon ^^

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