Friday, February 1, 2013


What's the difference between us and the dead people, anyway? 
They're dead, we're alive; what difference does it make? Some people are already dead inside. 
We may not be rotting, but we're still dead.

What happens when the only person who makes you feel alive left? What would you do?

That is exactly why we shouldn't base our happiness on a person... but we can't help it. We're humans. We crave affection. We need it. We can't control it. It's human nature. What would the world be like without love? After all, it's pure passion that keeps us up and running everyday. It's hope. It's hope that one day, you will be loved.

The truth is you're already loved. Maybe, not by the people you want... but you are loved.

Maybe, Loneliness is God's call for friendship time with you. 

So, today... I went out and I tried to search for the person I used to be. I've always thought she was dead and gone. That little girl who always tried to see the good in everyone even when it isn't there. Today, I realized that she's still in me and there IS something good in everyone. The person I used to be wasn't really gone, I just chose not to see or listen to her. When you've been hurt so many times, it just makes you blind.

As humans, we destroy everything we touch... including ourselves.

(wearing: DIY studded beanie, spiked bracelet from Indulge, iPhone case from @letsgetglamph,  Romwe leggings, DIY 'ROTTEN' top, Vintage watch, Indiestructible silver links frienship bracelet, Underground Creepers
make up: Wet n' wild hot pink lipstick, Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner c/o Red Vogue)
Sometimes, I see angels in the people I love. Maybe angels are real but they're not like the ones in movies with wings and swords. Maybe, they're people. 

There's both light and dark inside us. They say that one day, we have to choose which one will win. I don't think so. I think we'll spend our whole life having both forces inside us. We'll always have our past as our demons. Do we have to fight them? Who knows? What if i don't want to? But that sure doesn't mean that I'll let the darkness take over. Don't let it own you.

Yours truly,

PS: The pictures that didn't make this post will be posted on tumblr and instagram.


  1. Black and White. Anywayz you look "
    macho" and sexy in your outfit :)

  2. Love this blog post of yours. :) Your leggings are cool too

  3. This is very inspiring! Everything is so well put together <3 xx

  4. This reminded me of the book "The Fault In Our Stars"

  5. It made me think. But, its cool. :)

  6. Ate, Your so pretty. :') i Like your style. and You Know your so Unique. :) I Always Visit your blogspot. Your so Pretty ate :") Sana you notice me :">

  7. I like what you said in this post:) its very meaningful and it got me :)))))
    Im speechless with the outfit :)

  8. Do you edit your photos? if yes, where?

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  10. Ate where did you buy your studs? :3

  11. Hi aria! I really love the way you dressed your self. I'm always checking your blog to see your new post about what you wearing. :D I remember when I was telling my friend about you she said that I was obviously admiring you. And seeing your photos shows that you really love fashion. If you don't mind can I get your opinion about the question "Is fashion Important?" Hope for your reply, it will mean a lot to me. <3 Thanks.

    1. thanks! "is fashion important?" yes, i guess... to some people. dressing up could be empowering.

  12. buti pa silang mga yumao nadalaw mo. ang puso kong patay sana maisipan mo din puntahan... wehhh

    your outfit rocks
    contentment = true happiness
    me + you = total darkness xD

    galing mo idol!

  13. Hello Aria! :))) I admire your sense of fashion. I had observed that you really write from your heart, i felt it ♥ "Maybe, Loneliness is God's call for friendship time with you." my favorite line. I hope that I will see you again in TV. God bless.

  14. Favorite Post. Those sentences were powerful! Awesome Aria! :)

  15. i love this !! <3

  16. Ariaaaa! This post is really cool! Those captions got me. It made me cry. lol. OA? Yes. But srsly, tears fall from my eyes after reading this post. I love it! Keep blogging! You inspire many people. :) Hope you notice this. - rona -

  17. Hello po!Hehe!Ang cool haha! Sa Caniogan Cemetery po ba yan?! :))

  18. THIS IS YOUR BEST POST Aria! ang COOL sobra! SOLID. :)

  19. Loving this post so much Aria as well as your rad style! I see myself in you. x