Friday, February 15, 2013


Okay, so maybe valentine's day isn't really as bad as I make it seem...

I spent most of my morning hissing at people who attempted to greet me, "happy valentine's day!" I almost wanted to make a gif(moving picture) of me rolling my eyes at the valentine's day posters at school. My friends saved the day by bringing me cookies, chocolates and donuts though! See? Valentine's day didn't suck THAT much this year. 
I was at the University of the Philippines right after I left school but... I was too early for the fair. I couldn't think of anything better to do so I just took photos around UP.

Tickets were a hundred pesos each.

One of the best feelings in the world would have to be wearing the shoes you actually designed. It felt so good to see it come alive. Surprisingly comfy. If you've been reading my blog since before, you've probably noticed my creepers obsession. I basically wear em every outfit post.

I may or may not have an obsession with studs. Studlust as I call it. New word? I think yes! I'm selling creepers on my online shop. We accept customized orders. All handmade in the Philippines! Go ahead and check it out!

Meh, I know! Not the best. This is me when I'm being lazy. Silver links bracelet from Indiestructible. Purple charity bracelet from my friend, Kiray. Braided wrap bracelet from The Dainty Candy Shop! Hair tie is a must! Especially at music festivals.

I just couldn't leave without a henna. I've been wanting one for a while. Last time I got a henna, I was maybe 7 or 8 years old.

Le upside down picture of me and my daddy! (he has a twitter. yes, i repeat. he has a twitter.)

Me and my friend, Yas! Didn't expect to bump into her yesterday!

A gif I made from the spot where we were sitting. I think Sandwich was performing when I took this.
Best part of the day night! I got to see my fried, EJ Jallorina! If ya'll didn't know, we were both in Mara Clara as bestfriends. Jinjin and Butch! Surprise reunion! 
This was taken on the long walk to where our car was parked! It was midnight when we left. I was so bummed I didn't get to see Kamikazee perform! They were gonna perform last, I think. Grrr. But anyway, I got to see Urban Dub, Sandwich, Itchyworms and other (awesome) UP underground bands. Let's go, OPM!

Last pitstop of the day, 7-11. Couldn't sleep without drinking milk, you know.

Studded cap c/o Romwe
Destroyed sweater c/o Romwe
High waisted shorts (my favorite pair, actually) from American Eagle
Arm Candies were gifts from Indiestructible andThe Dainty Candy Shop.
Socks from Payless
Creepers from my store, Style Bandit!

I had so much fun yesterday at the UP fair! It's the first music festival I've ever attended, believe it or not! Anyway, big news! I GOT A DOMAIN! I mean... my friend, Audri, surprised me by buying a domain for me. This blog is officially,! This is so surreal.

Other news: 
(It's so much easier doing this in bullet form)
♡ Creepers are now available on my online shop. (click here)
♡ I'm performing at Marist School in Marikina tomorrow.
♡ I gave my blog a makeover! 
♡ I made a new 'contact me' page! 
(I opened up new emails so you guys could
contact me easier.)
♡ New 'About Me' page!

Do you like the new look of my blog? 
How was your Valentine's day?
When was the last time you got a henna?
Comment down below! 

Love always,

PS: I'm posting a new cover soon, I promise. I've just been busy with school! It's my last year in high school, can you believe it? Stay in school, kids!

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  1. Much better than before :) My Valentines->Movie marathon with my best friend (Pitch Perfect, Jackass 3D and American Pie the reunion) tas food 3p xD and My last Hena->college pa ako nun tas ako din nagDesign since High School :)) Miss ko na mag Hena tuloy :| Anywayzz.. More Power to you! God Bless ^_^ <3

    P.S. can't wait to see your cover O,O

  2. Love the new look of your blog! And congratulations on the domain, very nice of your friend to buy you one :D xx

    1. Thank you! :D I know, I can't believe it either!

  3. Valentines was more of a normal thursday (talk about bitter) for me. I've been a long time fan of you and Ej since you guys appeared on Mara Clara :)))

    1. Awww haha okay lang yan!
      And really? that's so awesome! salamat!

  4. oohhh its now which is so cool! ;)

  5. how did you remove the .blogspot in your URL?

    1. you have to buy a domain first, then you can set it up.

  6. congratulations aria on your new domain ,, 'coz you really deserve it ..♥ ♥ ♥ ☺☺

  7. Congrats!! And that was a very nice way to recover from those "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!" greetings.. haha.. Thanks for sharing your music and stories with us. :) <3 :)

  8. What software did you use in editing your picture? (the collaged one)

  9. where did you get your (blog) layout ?

  10. Sino po kumukuha sa mga photos niyo?

  11. I saw you Aria in UP Fair. But i'm just so curious if that was you. Until i saw this blog post. :) You're so pretty and cute :)