Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A few days ago... my friend, Vangie Martelle, celebrated her 18th birthday at AREA 05, Morato. I was really nervous because I knew I had to wear heels. We all know what happens when I wear heels.

I did my own make up. I used the products that hotshop and thepinkishhub sent me. I'm no Michelle Phan but i think I did alright... I THINK.

Well, what have we got here? Oh, nothing. Just a (crappily decorated) care package for Vangie and my iPhone. I gave my iPhone 4s a makeover with the aztec skin + backless case from letsgetglamph(instagram).

I shared a table with my old dance workshop buddies. Kaye Miranda, Shane Tarun, Rhap Salazar and Angel Sy (who is super dalaga na!!).

Here's Rhap singing "Next to You" by Justin Bieber for the debutant!

Pretty pink cake and cupcakes!

Another picture with Rhap! (We like pictures)

DM Sevilla, Chikara Nawa and Justin Dizon!

Me and Kiray Celis! Haven't seen this chika in forever!

Phytos and Skevie Kyriakou, Chikara, Chie Filomeno, Miguel Aguila!

End of the night!

For more pictures, visit my instagram.

Flower crown c/o Katie And Lee
Bustier c/o Romwe
White waterfall skirt c/o Quirkypedia
Shoes from Primadonna

High school's almost over for me.
It's summer vacation already for some of you guys.
Hope you guys have a great week!!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

♡ ARIA ♡


  1. such a pretty outfit! your blog is very lovely and interesting.im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. Your fashion is superb sweetie! i like all your style. you look great :)

  3. you look great in the heels :)

    xxx Zari