Monday, April 22, 2013


(Photos by: Marie Euginie Aldaba)

Impromptu shoot. I'm here to explain my designs.

(Shorts from Romwe, Boy London Cap from Androgyne Manila, Vans Shoes)

Shirt #1: "Cool Kids Can't Die" 

The first time I sat down in my bedroom with my sketchbook to design shirts, I couldn't think of anything. Then, I remembered the DIY iPhone case I made that everybody seemed to love. (click here to see it) It was simple and it was nice. I wanted to make sure that I designed shirts that are wearable, comfortable and fashionable (whatever 'fashionable' means). Whenever I dress up, I always make it a point that I'm comfortable with what I wear. I make it a point to stand out but not to the point that I'm grabbing everyone's attention with crazy colors. That's one of the reasons I always wear black and white.

(We all look cool from the back, don't we?)
((PS: this shirt is also available in gray))

Shirt #2: Minion shirt.

My original drawing was a bit different from the one on the shirt. They replaced the minion's glasses to the glasses on my blog's header. I decided to make a minion shirt because my fans are called minions. How did I get the name? I had a twitcam last year (i think) and I asked my fans what they wanted to be called because I was tired with all the 'arianaticz' thing and everyone had 'naticz' or 'holics' at the end of their fandom names. I wanted something a bit funnier. At that time, the despicable me 2 trailer was all in the rage. Everyone was LSS with the banana song and I'd sing it all the time. So I guess, that's why my followers / twitcam watchers chose the name "minions."

The penny board I'm using isn't mine. I borrowed it from Kuya Ryan, the owner of The Perfect White Shirt. He's going to open a skate shop soon so he has some sample penny boards like the camo one I'm using. 22 inches. I've been skating for a week. I think I found a new hobby. I was horrible at it but I had someone teach me. Tita Marie(the one who photographed these pictures)'s son! Skate Lord as he calls himself. HAHAHA. My penny board from Kuya Ryan's skate shop (Big H Skate Co.) will be arriving next month, i think. Glow in the dark, baby!

Shirt #3: "Hurt People, Hurt People"

The story for this shirt is kinda long. I always have daydream sessions on skype with my friend from LA, Jemimah. We'd always brainstorm for shirt design ideas because we want to design shirts / clothes one day. In one of our skype dates, she said this really good quote. "Hurt people, hurt people." I didn't get it at first. Okay, it's hard to explain but think of it like this. Why do people bully other people? Probably because they have problems at home or they've been bullied too. So... people who hurt you are probably hurt, too. Bottomline, everyone you encounter is fighting a hard battle. Everyone has their own demons to fight so just be nice. Kinda like karma... "What goes around comes around."

This shirt is an earnest attempt to humanize bullies and also a message for us to give them a little bit of understanding. Everyone feels lonely at times. Maybe the world will be a better place if you just act nicer to people. Smile at random people. Say good morning to kuya security guard at school. Take the flyer being handed to you by that lady from the mall. Next time the mean girls pick on you, walk away... they have insecurities, too. Buy sampaguita from that homeless girl outside the church. Thank the waitress who took your order at a restaurant.

Random weird sunglasses picture.

The shirts I designed are available in all Perfect White Shirt branches nationwide.
Most stocks are in Trinoma, though.
For the list of branches + other awesome shirts visit:

Which one's your favorite shirt?
Did you get all three?
Tweet me a picture of you wearing it ;)

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  1. I went to Trinoma and Market Market branch to buy "Cool Kids Can't Die" shirt but it's always out of stock. :( I e-mailed The Perfect White Shirt and they replied: "Cool Kids Can’t Die shirts are no longer in production and is no longer available." I was so sad because I want it so baaad~ Do you have any extra stock? I'm want to buy one :( please help!

  2. ate aria ano po yung bag nyo dito? its so cute :")

  3. What happened to your scar on your right foot?

  4. Ate Aria! Sana i'blog mo din yung penny board when it opens. I want to buy at sana may signature mo. I can't wait to hobby your hobby, haha XD

  5. I love reading your blogs araia :)) Idol talaga! <3

  6. OMG! You're so amaaaaazing! I would love to be youu <3

  7. How the fuck she can make this kind of blog, full of ADS! >.<
    Someone make this just for her. its not her!