Friday, April 26, 2013


Confessions of a part time weekend warrior.

"Supreme" Top and Bart Simpson dark wash denim shorts c/o Androgyne Manila
Vans shoes.
Beanie from a tiangge in Recto.

The party was at Valle Verde 1's clubhouse. Paul was late for his own party and we were there on time (not early). We watched a basketball game to kill the time. 

Drinking soda like a true pinoy. I unconsciously channeled my inner Cara Delevingne. I just realized how much I dressed up like her after I reviewed the pictures from that day.

Oh, you know, nothing much. Just strolling around wearing the face of my favorite skater on my shorts.

Ahhh, classic moment from The Simpsons right there.

I love playgrounds, yo.

Birthday boy, PAUL SALAS. Can't believe he's 15 already. When we started shoutout, I was taller than him. Time flies.

Ever since I started skating, I've been bringing extra clothes everywhere. I sweat too much. You can't really see here but the new tank I'm wearing says "WEEKEND WARRIOR." I really like that line. Let's stop and think about that for a second. Weekend warrior. What a beautiful thing to be right? Sadly, I'm not one. Well, I am... but only occasionally. Sometimes, I feel left out because my friends are making the most out of their teenage life. While I stay home on the weekends, just chilling on twitter. I feel like everyone around me is falling in love, partying hard, and just being young while I bum around at home. I only go out / go to parties occasionally -- when I really need to, or when I'm not being my usual lazy self. But when I go out, I GO OUT. I'm so lucky to have a dad who trusts me you know. He lets me have my teenage moments.

Somehow, that day... the weekend warrior in me woke up. It's been a while since I had THAT much fun at one party.

My girls! L-R: Tippy, Yana, Jane and Sue.

John, Makisig and Dom!

There were 4 beer pong tables and everyone was having fun (except me because I don't drink). I wanted to play so bad though. Remember that time at Fontana I blogged about? The one where we played beer pong without beer and we used Coke instead? Yep, the coke pong queen has decided to bring coke pong to the city. HAHA (char i'm sounding like a real loser right now but really guys its fun).

Drinking coke from the bottle. Hashtag medyo bad girl.

Yes, so coke pong is easy. It's beer pong without alcohol basically. I'm serious. I mean some people call me "goody-two-shoes" because I don't drink but I seriously don't think there's anything wrong with that. So what if I always follow my parents' advice? So what if I don't want to break their trust? I have nothing against people who drink. I respect them. I don't judge them. When someone drinks a lot, they're not necessarily a bad person. When someone prays a lot, they're not necessarily a good person. What I hate is when people force other people to drink. What I hate is when people get teased simply because they chose to obey their parents. Actually, I'm allowed to drink. I just chose not to. (And I'm not lying... because I know some teen stars lie on television and pretend they're good for the sake of their image and I'm not one of them. I just don't want to drink)

Okay enough of that.

Who says we need alcohol to have fun?

Le coke pong partner, Jane Oineza. We support each others' weirdness.

We sure look like we're having fun (WITHOUT ALCOHOL). ((though I look like a tool on the last picture)) (((posting good pictures of yourself is too mainstream)))

Me and the LuvU boys! CJ, Igiboy, Alfred and Rhap!

The night was awesome.
Paul Salas throws the best parties ever. I mean it.
His 14th birthday was bombin' too.
Maaaaad props to the DJ.
Paul, I can't wait for your 16th!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

✕ ARIA ✕



  1. Wahaha XD I like the coke pong part! I know what you meant. I don't drink too. :)))))

  2. I know how you feel! I don't go out that often either, while all my friends go crazy every weekend after weekend, I just sit at home being lazy and chilling on my own. I like it though, but sometimes it's like you're 'disconnected' from the world.

    Coke pong is a great idea, definitely going to suggest that when I do go to a party ;) xx

  3. I love how you're so humane which makes you totally relatable.

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  5. You are exceptionally a WEEKEND WARRIOR Aria. :D (Caps lock para intense,hehe)

    Yeah! Finally I got the chance to leave some comment here though this was like an ancient post of you already and I've already read the rest of your posts. I'm new at this blogging thing(srsly. =.=) just wanna try things out, practice my writings and personally, the main reason why I'm trying to make a blog is You. :) OK, that was weird. hehe

    You're influential you know. :)

  6. I love your fashion taste. You're so original. And yes, I love how you look chic and cool at the same time.