Monday, April 22, 2013


This was one of those rare days where I decide to wear something that isn't black... or white.

Transparent bag from Hued Bags
Arm Candies from Quirkypedia

Flip up glasses from @skincandy_mnl on instagram.

I absolutely have no idea why I took this picture but oh well.
The flower crown is from Katie And Lee.
Shades from Romwe.

(Necklace from some random stall at Recto)
My tita, Ate Lian, was nice enough to drive me to 4 malls that day just to find a dress for my graduation.

I'm the new baby blogger (well, i think i'm their first blogger. period.) of Androgyne Manila. I was so stoked when I got an email from them. So I visited their store for the first time to pull out some clothes.

I seriously wanted to take home the sex pistols flag. They're one of my favorite punk bands.

Rad *ss backpack. Their store is more on street style (which I LOVE). I'm all about comfort and style.

They also have Boy London tops in almost every style.

So, basically they've got everything you need. From galaxy leggings to cat shirts to backpacks to socks to maxi dresses to swim suits to shoes to sunglasses.. you get the point.

Le bowler hats, wedges and galaxy leggings.

After our trip to Androgyne, we ate french macaroons at the fort. I forgot what the place was called.

It was my first time tasting french macaroons and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

I'm literally on a blogging spree right now just to make up for my laziness
AND it's summer so I actually have more time and I could stay up without feeling guilty.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


♡ ARIA ♡


  1. I wish we have Androgyne here in San Pablo Laguna. Im your big fan! Especially on your fashion sense. Super! Please check my blog out :

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  3. I want to shop @ Androgyne but its too far from here in Bacolod :(( I wish they have branch here too!