Thursday, April 25, 2013


"But happy days make you sad when you remember them, right?"

They sure do, man.

This is me with no make up, eating breakfast like a champion. Haters gonn' hate. In our group, I'm always the one who sleeps the latest and wakes up the earliest. I don't know how I do that either.

"They see me rollin, they hatin'"
It's just like playing Mario Kart... really. I was kinda the designated driver for the day.
(Sunglasses c/o Romwe)

Again, excuse the date stamps because I didn't know how to turn them off in my stupid camera. 
Anyway, I'm wearing slip-ons from chicnova and an anklet from B.A. Fierce again. In this trip, I brought 3 pairs of sneakers (Vans, Converse, Chicnova) + a pair of flip flops (Havaianas). That's it.

"Basta driver, sweet lover."
HAHAHA JOKE LANG EWWW HAHAH JEJEJEJE. I couldn't think of a better caption! I write better when I'm sad... and I'm really REALLY happy right now. So, excuse me while I write sentences like a 3rd grader. Ha ha haaa.

We went to the waterpark that day.

I was pennyboarding peacefully and then the wild monkeys appeared.

This is my "Oh, I cannot wait to get a tan!" face.

Selfies with Naomi and Faye. 

Let's play a game called, "How-many-selfies-can-Aria-take-in-one-day?"
Honestly, I wish I took more pictures with my friends because this post is basically turning out to be "Aria's selfies and self portrait pictures in Fontana, Day 2". Well, this IS my blog... but you get my point. Bleh.

L-R: Faye Ramos, Me, Jec Umali, Jane Sibug, Naomi Ng and Elexa Crelencia.
FINALLY! I thought I'd never find a group picture from day two. 

We were going to play volleyball after our trip to the waterpark but then there was this WONDERFUL playground beside the courts so we got distracted. 

We rode this thing (I'm not even sure what it's called) and we had no idea how to move it, so we just took pictures. This is what I love about this gang. We cater each other's needs for photos and selfies and ootds. I mean sometimes, I wanna take pictures but the people I'm with just go bananas like, "OMG ARIA PICTURES NANAMAN?" But with this group, no. We take each other's pictures everytime.

A freshmen generation of degenerate beauty queens.
Me, Naomi and Jane hung out basically everytime we went to school last year but jane was a senior and we were juniors. She graduated first but surprisingly our friendship didn't fade. We were all nominated for Prom Queen, too. 

This is what makes us girls.
We all look for heaven and we put love first.
It's something that we'd die for, it's a curse.

An excerpt from Lana Del Rey's song, "This Is What Makes Us Girls." It's so true though, isn't it.

It was all fun and games until I spotted a makahiya plant, then we all just sat there poking them because God knows how long ago we last saw a makahiya plant.

One on one with Naomi. Props to Naomi's bodyguard for taking this picture. He is awesome. 

This is my "Am I tan yet? Oh, wow I think I am" face.
When we got home, we showered and changed clothes (again).

This is my "How about now? Am I tan on this lighting?" face. No, wait. I think this is my "I wonder how many hypes this picture is gonna get on" face. I'm not sure.

This is why you should NEVER leave me alone with a tripod... EVER.
Above you will see exhibit A and B that will testify for the said statement.

Exhibit C and D.

Naomi and I wearing tops designed by Jane. She has an online shop now, too! Follow @hipsters_mnl on instagram for more tops like these.

Le more selfies! And look who dropped by at our villa to visit me!! So happy to finally meet Nina! We've been talking on twitter all the time for well over a year. We met because of one direction. She's an officer for 1DPH as well as an awesome blogger. Definitely the most un-irritating (is that even a word) fourteen-year old girl I've ever encountered. I kinda wish I was as cool as her when I was 14 but NO. I was the most annoying fourteen year old girl ever. Whenever I think of the things I did when I was 14, I wanna kick myself. She made the layout for my blog. She's awesome so check her out.

We chilled out at the backyard of our villa. This is the first time we met but it feels like we've known each other forever (and I flooded her phone with selfies, hehe sorry nina). We used to facetime a lot.

We're so similar, it's insane. We always get compared (in the blogging world) because we'd wear similar things and do similar things (like pennyboarding). Her fans would accuse me of copying her and my fans would accuse her of copying me but the truth is we don't even talk about it. It just happens. A lot of people dress like us, it's no big deal. No one's copying anyone. Hope we cleared this up. 

We ate at the chinese restaurant again. Yang chow forever and ever.
(Hippie band from SM Hypermart in Clark, Pullover from Forever 21)

We obvously have a thing for mirror selfies. It's so funny. We'd walk around the Fontana hotel (hotel? i'm not sure if its a hotel) and freak out whenever we see mirrors. We're weird like that.

And that's a picture of the yin yang I drew on my wrists. I want to get a tattoo one day. I'm just not sure what tattoo i'm gonna get so I draw random stuff on my skin just to test them out. (Arm candies from Nina, Indiestructible)

We saw this thing and we immediately took pictures because it reminded us of The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody. I miss the old Disney. I miss Mr. Moseby. Actually, it was London Tipton (and iCarly) who inspired me to make video blogs.

This was the night we drove around Fontana blasting dubstep / house music like we're driving a fancy car. Me and Faye took a video, i think, but I'm not sure if she's going to post it. The songs we played are here on this (playlist). Go click the link if you need new songs for your iPod ;)

After the long and fun day, we ended up like this on the living room. Bored and all. Then, out of the blue... Faye said, "You guys wanna do the harlem shake?" And we all stared at her like she was crazy... and then said YES.

Which explains this video:
(Don't try this at home)
And this is why you shouldn't drink soda at night.

Flower crown c/o Katie and Lee, Forever 21 top, Striped swimwear c/o Androgyne Manila.
Top from Androgyne Manila, American Eagle olive green shorts, Havaianas flip-flops.
Top c/o Hipsters_Mnl, Topshop shorts, Converse shoes.

It took me so long to organize the fontana photos. There's too many. This isn't even half of it.
Day three coming up soon.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

✕ ARIA ✕


  1. HAHAHAHA XD Ang vain mo Aria but it's cute :))
    I love the photo of you and nina.
    I alspo love the harlem shake. LOL
    love the outfit, loveya girl:*

  2. Dear Ate Aria, I wanna be you. That's all. Bye. lawl. I love how you style you clothes! I really do. Looking forward to see you soon! xxx

  3. Dear Ate Aria, I wanna be you. That's all. Bye. lawl. I love how you style you clothes! I really do. Looking forward to see you soon! xxx

  4. Gaaaaaaaaahd! Idol talaga <3
    Ganda! PERFECTION!

  5. I admire you Aria! You're so adorable! :)

  6. You dancing in the harlem shake video = golden :))) Hahaha!