Friday, May 24, 2013


Wearable books, anyone?

Litographs are prints that are created from the text of classic books.

They sent me a sample of one of their shirts. I chose the Peter Pan one because WE ALL LOVE PETER PAN, DON'T WE? It's basically the whole book printed on the shirt. (Amazing right?)

Litographs are unlike any other t-shirt brands, in that each shirt is unique. Printing small text-all over means that there will be some imperfections around the seams and under the arms -- it's normal, expected, unavoidable, and generally not noticeable when the shirt is worn.

Front and back side of the shirt. The v-cut is a bit too deep but you can wear a tank inside it. There is also a unisex cut for the shirt but i chose the v-neck one. It runs true to its size.

Close up shot! When I got this shirt in the mail, I freaked out and tried to read the whole book on the shirt (which is actually kind-of possible) but then I got lazy.

It's also available in posters or t-shirts. They add new books constantly. You can choose between the black and white version or the colored version of the illustration.

So, is it worth the money? It's an amazing piece to own. It was given to me as a gift to review but will I be willing to spend my money on it? The answer is... maybe not (mainly because I'm such a scrooge with my money and i refuse to spend money on anything at all). The poster, though, are great if you want to decorate your new room. You can frame it and it'll look like a painting but even better because you can READ it. I definitely don't think this type of product is everyone's cup of tea but I do recommend it to my fellow bookworms. (I mean.. COME ON GUYS. WEARABLE BOOKS).

For more information on their printing process (how do they really do it?):

For more designs or if you're interested to buy yourself one, click here:

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