Friday, July 5, 2013


And in that moment, I swear... we were -- ugh you get the point.

All this talk about feeling infinite is making me hungry.

I'd tell you about this thing called being young but I'm pretty sure I've done that a few blogposts ago so blaaah.

My life right now is very identical to like... every teenage movie out there. It's starting to creep me out honestly. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm VERY HAPPY. It's just weird that there was ever a time that I was pretty sure I've seen everything and that life will stay the same way forever. I think growing up means witnessing life's greatest clichés like... "Don't worry. Life gets better." It does. It truly does.

Lana Del Rey once said on her music video, "It takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it, to know what true freedom is." The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that you can't go anywhere but up afterwards. So, to all the teenagers out there who are having the suckiest time in high school... WAIT. TILL. YOU. GET. TO. COLLEGE. 

We had the UST welcome walk after party last friday night.

 My blockmates from 1ID-4! Reppin CFAD, yo!

The illest! Lea Reyes.

Class president / professional make up artist / blogger / my long lost twin, Andrics Clemente!
♡ Brownman Revival! ♡
I've always wanted to see em live.

 The stores were all closed and we had no water and we were so thirsty from skating. Good thing the guard from McDo and Ate (sorry i forgot your name) had mercy on us and gave us free water. YOU GO MCDONALDS! YOU GO!

 My friend, Jonathan, from CSC RAWR got me in the press area while Silent Sanctuary was performing. :)

Sup, freshies!

 Met these people on my way out! They wanted to have a pic with me but their camera died. I'm not sure what section / bldg they belong to! :(

1AD-2! These people are the awesomest. 

Friends from the same dorm bldg. Princess and Aleli!

Top and Leggings c/o Romwe
Glasses c/o urbanoutfit_mnl (instagram)
Sneaker Wedges c/o Gifts Ahoy (instagram)

I had an awesome time at the freshmen after party! Can't wait for recruitment 101! Thomasians, R101 got moved to July 15 - July 19! I'll be performing on the 19th :) 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Love Always,
☾ ARIA ☽


  1. I can relate to your posts since I'm a freshie in college also. I am praying for you, Aria. :)

  2. Beautiful forever :((( it seems like you really enjoy your college life. i cant wait for mine :)))) God Bless :)

  3. OMG! Ariiiiiia! You're the AWESOMEST and COOLEST girl I've ever known. You The best! :*

  4. Great post! Your blog is very good and interesting! I'm glad if you visit my blog too!:)

  5. you are the COOOOOOLEST AND AWESOMEST!!your blogs really inspire me and I really really REALLY hope that one day I'll get to meet you in person

  6. please check out my blog!

  7. Coolest girl alive in the world! You're a fashionista. ♥