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Let me tell you about the awesomest weekend ever. I was going to turn eighteen in seven days and I felt like I haven't done enough crazy shit (like saying the word 'shit' in my blog) in my life and I was already going to be legal. So extreme yolo-ing took place. Yes, yolo-ing is a word because I said so.

The day before Bazooka Rocks II, there was ADHOC (which sucked for the most part but hey, i got nice pictures. kinda.) Adhoc was WAAAAAAY TOOOOOO CROWDED.
I went to ADHOC with my high school friends and we bumped into so much people there. Joj, Jai, Paul, Jon, college friends, EVERYONE. We all bumped into each other OUTSIDE because it was, again, too crowded inside the venue. When we finally got inside, nothing much was going on. It was just harder to breathe. It was better outside, so outside we went. I don't know if it's just me. I think I did most of my partying when I was 13 - 16 so parties have become predictable to me. Paper kids and their paper happiness. I don't know if that's just the introvert in me talking (or typing) but yeah, I'd rather be home reading a book.

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Abercrombie
Socks - Forever 21
Sneakers - Vans
Shirt/Dress - Artwork
Fishnet tights - SM dept store
Boots - Dr Martens
Laces - Girlshoppe
The fifteen year old me would have chased me with a bamboo stick for not wearing heels to the party but hey, people change. I realized that the main reason why I liked wearing heels before was because they told me I was prettier when I'm taller. Look. They made me suffer, told me I was pretty and then made me think I was happy about torturing my feet... after a few months, I gained a little weight and they are GONE. News flash! They'll only care about you when you're pretty / skinny or dead.


I apologize for my crappy scanning skills. I'm new to this scanning thing. Never owned a scanner till college. A N Y W A Y, Bazooka Rocks was the best. I went with my schoolmates. 

I heard bazooka rocks was gonna be a black-light party so I painted my nails neon yellow and replaced my Doc Martens' shoelaces with neon orange. I also got two piercings on my left ear but I didn't take care of them so it's gone now :( I'm gonna have it re-pierced after sembreak maybe.

We didn't have a lot of photos since we left our phones in our bags because it's a really REALLY bad idea to bring your phone inside a giant mosh pit. YUP.

(Me, Ann and Nika)

I REALLY REGRET NOT GOING TO BAZOOKA ROCKS I. I knew more bands from the line up last year but anyway, this year was fun. My first mosh pit experience was during Circuit Fest back in May 2013. I thought that was wild. BOY, I WAS WRONG. You know, I had perfect skin before I got into skating and into punk rock. I have so much battle scars now on my knees and elbows and I got kicked and punched and sat on the face and stepped on the leg during the BRF mosh. I've never felt so alive. They're preparing me for lollapalooza and warped!

(Picture 1: Minion shirt from The Perfect White Tee, Topshop shorts.
Picture 2: With my minions who also went to BRF. Aly, Rania and Hazel)

So much happened during BRF and I'm finding it hard to tell the stories so let me try to fill you in in bullet form:

• Uchusentai Noiz and We Came As Romans had the best and wildest mosh pits. They were sensational live.
• Members of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus were moshing during WCAR's set. True story.
• I definitely cried when A Rocket To The Moon played for the last time as a band but I cried even harder when Red Jumpsuit Apparatus sang 'Your Guardian Angel' live.
• The merch line was SO DAMN LONG.

 I'm pretty sure I took this picture right before I broke down crying. ^

ATL had a solid set! I think there were more people who watched them than ARTTM. We wanted to fight our way to the front but there were too much people na. 

My absolute favourite part. We were almost in front since a lot of people left after ATL performed. I was all shaky and tired from the mosh that came before. I couldn't even sing along to ARTTM because I was too starstrucked to be even standing in front of Nick Santino and Halvo. They sang all my favorite songs like Annabelle, Dakota and Like We Used To. Don't even get me started on Ever Enough. By the end of the set, everybody was chanting "Don't break up. Don't break up." Nick Santino cried, Halvo took photos. Every moment was magical and beautiful and I'm so happy to have been a part of that.

It was 1am and everybody was still not sure if the day was real or if it was all just a dream. I was in the middle of the road, looking at the sky and my friend said something so beautiful that we all almost cried. "The rocket has reached the moon," he said. 

I didn't want the night to end. I didn't wanna look back and regret that I have let that day end so painfully normal... so we didn't let it end.

We had adventures the whole night and went home at 7 am (Perks of living alone). I wish I could tell you the all the things we did that night. One day, when I look back and think about this day... I won't remember an ending. The day that went on forever and ever. A pure, happy memory.

My birthday party came the weekend after that and I'll blog it next...
What's your favorite memory of the year so far?
Share it through a comment!

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☾ ARIA ☽


  1. Aria! What did ATL sing that night? :D

  2. You are awesome. Like srsly. Thanks for inspiring me ❤

  3. dang that day ended flawlessly. here's to more days like that for you, and one for me <3

  4. Hi Aria! :) You are so lucky to have seen ARTTM perform before they broke up! :) i envy you now, a lot. I love you!

  5. Hi Aria! :) You are so lucky to have seen ARTTM perform before they broke up! :) i envy you now, a lot. I love you!

  6. please blog about your party asap hihi I really want to know what happened :)

  7. "The rocket has reached the moon"

    That was a beautiful phrase. I felt a lump in my throat when I read that.

  8. okey.ive read this entry 4x now.and still crying over arttm.

  9. Aria... Thank you because you inspired me again and people who read your blog. At last! nakapagpost ka din :) I wanted to share my favorite memory for this year. It was my last birthday in January together with Ukulele Manila and you of course. I was surprised because you gave me a blue bracelet with a peace sign (so cute kahit na mahirap isuot :D ) I didn’t expect na bibigyan mo ako ng ganun. I was listening to the performers that time. And I Thank you for that. You're sweet and you are so really blessed. Keep it up! Good Luck sa college life 1 sem down. Anywayzz .. Thank you so much! Di ko na nabigay yung gift ko maybe next time. See you soon (I hope so..) Take care always DANIELLA :P :P (PEACE) and God Bless! WE LOVE YOU. – your minion – Cha. :*

  10. Nice one! Uchusentai Noiz really rocks.The 2nd time they were here in the Philippines, just thought.
    Glad you blog again.Waiting for a long time :)
    Hope for more blogging from you.

  11. The rocket has reached the moon. T^T" *sobs*


  13. omg what do you use to edit those photos?

    so don't forget to thank GOD ,, FOR SURE !! you always did it .. :)
    I'm happy for you Aria .. astig ka talga :D

  15. "News flash! They'll only care about you when you're pretty / skinny or dead." Preach.

  16. I will never get tired of telling you that you're such an awesome human being. I really admire you!!! Forever fave. I Love You Aria!!! Stay that way! You rock!